Return Policy

Our Return Policy

Customers' satisfaction is our first priority, and we strive to take the hassle out of returns both
for our partners and our customers.

Important: We do our best to offer a reliable experience, however in case we notice that the
reason for returning the products is not valid (or is incorrect), for instance, if you demand a
different product (after we deliver your products), we will not be liable for it. In general, our
customers reserve the rights to return an item within 30 days of the purchase. The returned
products must meet the following criteria:

  1. The product must be new and in the original packaging. The tag (if there is any) must not be removed.
  2. The product is not on the list of non-returnable products

In case Raindrops901 deliver incorrect, defective or damaged product to a customer, the item is
also eligible for return. The customers need to pay the shipping costs only.

Our team will privately monitor the behavior and address the issues properly to ensure the
return policy is not abused in any way. In case we detect any unusual activity under your
account (or we suspect that the customer is returning a lot of products without a solid reason),
we reserve the rights to inactivate the account.

In case a product is returned, we may decide to offer a replacement, return or a refund, at our
own discretion.
Replacements: We might ask you to fill out a return notification form so that we can update
you as soon as possible. A replacement order might be treated as a separate order with same
charges, however a commission charge might be applied to it. In case you do not receive any
product from us, we may also issue a refund.

Refunds and Returns: In case a shipment is lost or we are unable to track the product, we may
offer a full refund. It might take 5-7 business days to process your returns or refunds. The
money will be deposited into the same card used for making the original payment.

Important: The company will not be offering refunds in case there is an inaccuracy in the
shipping address (submitted by the customer) and the products are not delivered to consumers
due to the inaccuracy. We allow our customers to call and make changes in their accounts
within 24 hours of making the purchase, however no any changes will be made after we ship
the products. We do not control the shipping process and once the items are shipped, it is
shipping carrier’s responsibility to deliver it to you.

Also, we do our best to ship these products on time, however there could be a slight delay due
to various reasons such as unexpected weather issues, shipping carrier delays etc. We suggest
you to track your orders, and in case there is a delay, we will also try to inform you. It is not

possible for us to issue a full refund due to a slight delay in the shipping services (due to reasons
that are out of control).

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